©2011 Copyright Rock’n R  All rights reserved Made with Xara Growing up with horses and rodeos we learned to make and repair all our own equipment. The neighbor was a saddle maker so we spent a lot of time hanging around his shop. Upon discharge from Active Duty Marine Corps I entered Law Enforcement. I supplemented my my income as a police officer with leather working and USMC reserves. Upon retirement it was natural to start a saddle shop. I made a couple holsters for friends and then other orders came in. We added a simple line of holsters and it has grown into its own full time business. The years of training and experience in Law Enforcement, the Marine Corps and firearms, combined with my knowledge of leather, provides the base of our creations. We only produce products that I have tested and would be proud to use. My son and I are responsible for all design, production, sales and marketing of our products. We try to meet all deadlines and time tables and business needs. But with family, horses, rodeos and other interests life throws us a curve ball. Show Schedules, and material availability can also cause delays in delivery times. We try to prevent any delays but sometimes they are unavoidable. Concealment Holster Production Information Classes The last couple of years I have been teaching classes in the art of holster making. If you are a leather crafter or want to be and can find others who are also interested then let me know. I can come to your area to teach a class. The class are for making a western or concealment holster. E-mail me for information on class.  Bobby Rose Field Chest Holster Information About