©2011 Copyright Rock’n R  All rights reserved Made with Xara Concealment Holsters   Avenger Style- A popular outside holster with a comfortable high ride. Design of the holster pulls the butt of the weapon in tighter to the body for better concealment. IWB- In-side-the-waist band- A great holster for conceal- ability. The wider holster body provides a great platform and comfort. Extending the belt attachments keeps the weapon in the proper placement for gripping and stops any rocking. IWB provides sure combat grip and comes with leather belt fasteners or ordered with metal fasteners Pancake- The pancake design holster is one of the most produced holsters on the market. Great concealment with this holster. This holster also provides a sure combat grip and a very steady platform for your weapon Custom work- For those individuals that want something very special, we can provide that one-of-a-kind holster. From hand tooling to exotic leathers we can work with you for that very special custom holster