©2011 Copyright Rock’n R  All rights reserved Made with Xara Hunting-Field    Chest- This is a chest holster resembling the M-7 military tankers holster. A far superior quality leather is used in this holster.   All the leather is USA tanned saddle leather, hand waxed and finished for years of foul weather use. We can make this holster for any size single action, double action or large frame auto’s. Our number one selling holster. ( see our information section for further information on this holster)                 Price start at $135.00  Hip- Just headed to the range or to the back country, our hip holsters will be there for you. Made from the heaviest leathers possible, with your choice of security strap, lined or unlined we can meet your needs. We can provide this holster for any number of single action, double action or large autos                                    Price start at $95.00  Accessories- We can provide a full range of accessories for hunting or field use. Ammo belt slides, belts, custom knife sheaths (folding-fixed blade), magazine carriers or rifle slings.