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©2011 Copyright Rock’n R  All rights reserved. Made with Xara Products All products are made from USA tanned Herman Oak leather Our western holsters are made in the traditions of the old west. We build each holster based on period correct designs and construction methods. No two holsters are ever built the same, each one is a one of a kind item made to your custom specifications The concealment line of holsters are each hand made and custom molded for each weapon. These holsters are all   built, and finished with the same techniques of the great saddle makers and master leather craftsmen. Each holster is built with attention to details to give you years of use. Hunting holsters are built with durability, weather and protection in mind. We use the heaviest leathers in these holsters, as they will receive the most punishment of use. Holster comfort is also on our minds when designing these holsters as they will be used with the largest of handguns. All of our hunting holsters receive extra hand waxing and finishes to stand up to the rigors of the outdoors and mother nature. Hunting Western Custom Tooling Custom Orders