©2011 Copyright Rock’n R  All rights reserved Made with Xara Western  Holsters   Slim Jim- The Slim Jim holster hails from the days of the California gold strikes. Miners used the cross draw military holsters and cut the flaps off for accessibility and speed. This is the primary type of holster for black powder shooters and anyone with long barrel weapons. When worn in a cross draw position allows for a more comfortable draw Mexican Loop- In the 1800’s when metallic cartridges came to be, there was very limited ways to carry large numbers of cartridges. Cowboys would load up the gun belt with as many as possible. The Mexican Loop holster design allowed the holster to slide over the loaded cartridge loops. Can be ordered with different configurations of loop design Fast Draw- Drop Loop, gunfighter style holsters were made famous by Hollywood B Westerns. This rig is one of the most popular rigs made today. Used mostly for single six guns, but works great for double actions and large frame autos. This rig can be ordered with single or double holsters and customized with tooling and sliver trim.